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What is "Beauty Marks"?

"Beauty Marks are the evidence of resiliency and strength. They reveal the beauty in the human experience...that we bend, but don't break. I do not believe negative life experiences inevitably leave us with scars or wounds...I believe it is possible that they leave us with Beauty Marks." 

      -Dr. Lashaunda J. Lucas

Our services are not exclusively for personal development. The success of your Company/Organization is determined by these same principles and abilities.

Beauty Marks is the SOLUTION!

Dr. Lucas incorporates research-based culturally responsive methods to increase safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Dr. Lashaunda Lucas and Beauty Marks

Introducing the No-Fluff

Beauty Marks offers a variety of professional development trainings and workshops that are designed to promote healthy practices and safe spaces in professional environments. Each training can be provided independently; however employers benefit most from offering a series of trainings that meet the needs of the agency/institution/company. Each training incorporates researched-based culturally responsive methods to increase safety, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Workshops focus on interpersonal and professional development of all team members. In addition, the content and material of each training/workshop promotes collaboration, empowerment, and job satisfaction.

Dr. Lucas’s approach to training and consultation is highly interactive and derived from therapeutic practices designed to increase reflection and introspection. Her belief is that change happens one individual at a time, from the inside out. Addressing biases and practices that hinder growth and development is the foundation of sustainable change. In addition, it promotes personal and professional satisfaction.


What We Offer

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