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You're Here Because You're Ready to Unpack and Heal the Traumas in Your Life and/or Work Spaces.

You've made the right choice.

Transform Into The BEST You.


Beauty Marks founder, Dr. Lashaunda Lucas, has been featured on:

Shaw University
The Women's Business Center of North Carolina
YMIT Podcast
SLGS2TA Women's Empowerment
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SenterMe Podcast
Uplifting Melanin


If you haven't been getting the outcomes in your personal or professional life that you've dreamt of, it's probably because you haven't quite unpacked the things that are holding you back. Whether for you or your business, unpacking, healing, and developing is essential to your success. I've got some resources that can help you - but, you'll need to stay in touch!

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Dr. Lashaunda Lucas Connect

Your BREAKTHROUGH is calling you... 
Will you pick up?

I'm sure right now, you're thinking..."of course I will", but are you truly ready to do the WORK that is required? "Picking Up" the call to your success is getting to the core of things that have held you back from succeeding, setting boundaries, engaging in healthy relationships and loving yourself.


You are FULLY capable of achieving your goals and living the enhanced life that you deserve...but you cannot achieve it alone. You're going to need some help along the way.

I'm Qualified to Help!

Dr. Lashaunda Lucas PhD, MSW, LCSW is a published researcher, motivational speaker, therapist, entrepreneur, mother, wife and advocate for Black women who focuses her research on self-worth development.


Dr. Lucas uses her experiences and journey to self-worth to inspire, motivate, and come alongside women in recognizing their value. She has served as a keynote speaker, panelist and master of ceremony for several conferences and events designed to motivate and inspire others in personal and professional growth.

As the founder and CEO of Beauty Marks Counseling & Consultation LLC, Dr. Lucas counsels, educates, and supports women in personal and professional endeavors with a focus on three pillars of interpersonal development: self-esteem, self-discovery and self-worth.


Beauty Marks embraces the belief that difficult life experiences enhance our ability to identify and connect to the needs of others. These experiences establish a deeper level of empathy that centers the beauty in the human experience. They do not create scars or wounds…they create Beauty Marks.


These ideals are shared through counseling services, research, motivational speaking, licensure supervision, and organizational consultation.

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