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Black Mental Health Conversations is a groundbreaking program established by the esteemed Dr. Lashaunda Lucas, PhD, MSW, LCSW, designed specifically for universities, colleges, and businesses committed to addressing the critical issues surrounding black mental health.

Driven by a passion to dismantle the silence surrounding mental health needs and disparities within the black community, this initiative offers a platform for o
pen and honest dialogues. By bringing in qualified professionals and speakers, the program seeks to foster an environment that challenges stigma and encourages meaningful conversations.

Black Mental Health Conversations is dedicated to breaking down barriers and facilitating essential discussions at educational institutions and organizations, paving the way for greater awareness and understanding of black mental health experiences.

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Students of color report higher rates of emotional distress during their first year of college. Nearly 34% of Black students report feeling so depressed in the past year it was difficult to function.


Make a strong statement of your institution's stand with Black Mental Health today.

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